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These circulation socks can help to increase circulation, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain.


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These circulation socks can help to increase circulation, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Product Description

Therapeutic socks for vascular conditions

Incrediwear Circulation Socks are designed for diabetics, and all people who need help managing the discomfort and health risks associated with circulatory issues. They increase circulation, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain.

How does Incrediwear work?

Our revolutionary therapeutic fabric is infused with scientifically proven, circulation-enhancing active elements. These elements are activated by your body heat and dramatically increase blood flow to your skin, muscles, and joints.

Who can benefit from Incrediwear Circulation Socks

Incrediwear Circulation+ Socks can assist in alleviating discomfort from the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Edema
  • Vascular conditions
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Cold feet

Incrediwear socks do not restrict blood flow

Incrediwear Circulation+ Socks are loose fitting and do not restrict blood flow, thus avoiding the challenges associated with compression socks. Compression socks can impede proper blood circulation, and diabetics with severely decreased circulation may be advised not to wear them.

In contrast, Incrediwear Circulation+ Socks are easy to fit (simply choose your usual sock size), safe, and comfortable to wear 24/7.

Winner of Editor’s Choice Award

“I’m a diabetic and I’ve worn diabetic socks before. Big deal right? They are all the same, socks are socks. These are a little different though… my feet will swell from time to time…when it happens it’s a little rough to get a sock on and my foot is always sore when I take it off at night because it’s been constricted all day…

“The Incrediwear diabetic socks seem to allow for my swelling feet. They absorb my sweat, they don’t smell bad after I’ve worn them for a day (LOL roses I tell you!!) and they go on nice and easy regardless of whether I’m swollen or normal that day… They are so good we are giving them the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award.”

Todd Larson,

Product information

ncrediwear Circulation+ Socks come in two styles, ankle socks and crew socks. They are unisex, and come in grey

Instructions for use

  • Wear as needed to relieve discomfort
  • Can be worn 24/7
  • For maximum benefit wear when sleeping

Care & Fabric composition

Your Incrediwear Socks are easy to care for. Wash warm or cold, tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Grey Ankle

  • 36% Cotton (Germanium Infused)
  • 34% Polyester (Carbon Infused)
  • 26% Nylon (Germanium Infused)
  • 4% Spandex

Grey Crew:

  • 38% Cotton (Germanium Infused)
  • 33% Polyester (Carbon Infused)
  • 25% Nylon (Germanium Infused)
  • 4% Spandex

Black Ankle:

  • 37% Cotton (Germanium Infused)
  • 30% Polyester (Carbon Infused)
  • 30% Nylon (Germanium Infused)
  • 3% Spandex

Black Crew:

  • 37% Cotton (Germanium Infused)
  • 30% Polyester (Carbon Infused)
  • 30% Nylon (Germanium Infused)
  • 3% Spandex


 MenWomenEuropean Sizing
Small 4-6.5 5-7.5 35-38
Medium 7-9.5 8-10.5 39-42
Large 10-12.5 11-13 43-46

Diabetic and circulation socks are an excellent way to help keep your feet healthy when you are suffering from particular conditions. But which is the best type of sock for you, and what do you need to look for? Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you need to consider before deciding on the right type of socks.

See your doctor

First and foremost, it is vital to get proper medical advice from a physician. Visit your doctor or physiotherapist, and they will guide you through what you should be looking for when it comes to buying diabetic and circulation socks.

While our Incrediwear socks can benefit anyone - even those who simply suffer from cold feet - it is vital to speak with your doctor to ensure you make the right choice and are aware of the differences in medical socks. For example, if you end up buying a compression sock, it can cause your diabetic feet a whole host of problems.  Let’s take a look at diabetic and circulation socks, and what you can expect from them.

What should I look for?

Many people with diabetes can suffer from painful foot wounds, which occur because of diabetic neuropathy. The condition means that sufferers can often lose sensation in their feet, and so fail to detect any symptoms of any injuries or ulcers that occur. It can cause significant problems, like sores, ulcers and injuries can eventually cause infection. And, if these infections don’t get the appropriate treatment, the condition worsens - even resulting in amputation.

To prevent any of these issues occurring, people with diabetes - and other circulatory issues - are often advised by doctors to wear special, diabetic socks. The socks help protect the feet from injury, limit the number of irritations, and are much more comfortable to wear than other, standard socks.

When looking for a good diabetic sock, try and find a pair that has a seamless design to prevent wrinkling and bunching, which helps you avoid causing irritations and minor conditions like blisters. Chafing is also a problem for diabetics, and if left unchecked can result in a severe infection.

People with diabetes should also look for socks that offer light - or no - compression. This feature is particularly important as an effective treatment for people with diabetes suffering from swollen feet, and it allows faster and better blood flow to the afflicted areas. Bear in mind you should also look for socks with non-binding tops, which have a habit of cutting off the circulation in your feet.

Finally, avoid 100% cotton socks. Cotton draws moisture from the foot but doesn’t dissipate it, meaning you run the risk of developing fungal conditions or bacterial infections. People with diabetes should always look for a pair of socks with wicking features, which help keep your feet dry at all times.

What’s wrong with regular socks?

As we mentioned above, 100% cotton socks can be extremely dangerous for anyone with circulation problems or who suffer from diabetic feet. While cotton is an incredibly soft material, the fact that they fail to wick moisture is a massive issue for people with diabetes. The more moisture on your foot, the greater chance you have of picking up a bacterial infection or developing a fungal condition. As we mentioned above, these infections can turn incredibly dangerous, and amputations are not uncommon in those with diabetic feet.

Standard socks also wear out a lot quicker than specially made socks. The material is not durable, and they tend to wear out fast, leaving your foot open to friction problems that can cause major irritations. You are much better off choosing socks made from a cotton blend and mixed with nylon, rayon, or acrylic materials.

What else do I need to know?

It’s not only diabetics that can benefit from diabetic socks. People suffering from a broad range of circulatory conditions can also use these socks to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle and healthier feet. Diabetic socks are a good solution for people with conditions such as neuropathy, edema, and Raynaud’s Syndrome. They are also beneficial if you have a vascular disease or even just suffer from cold feet.

Incrediwear Circulation Socks are comfortable, healthy, and can improve your blood circulation - vital for anyone with a circulatory condition such as diabetes. You can choose from a range of sizes, to ensure maximum comfort, and, most importantly, our circulation socks are durable, simple to put on, and loose fitting. They are also incredibly easy to clean at warm temperatures, as long as you avoid bleach, dry cleaning, or ironing.