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+ Incrediwear Brace Testimonials


Manteo Mitchell

Manteo Mitchell, Olympic Silver Medalist 2012


“I’ve tried other sleeves and always had problems, they would come off very easily, were difficult to adjust, or felt like it was wearing me down. When I wear the Incrediwear calf sleeve, I don’t even know it’s there. But, I do know it’s working because I see it in my results. I have more energy, I’m less fatigued and I don’t have pain from shin splints anymore!”
—Manteo Mitchell, Olympic Silver Medalist 2012


“I had a bad fall off a horse and cracked 6 vertebrae in my spine I find the back brace a great way to rest my spine it takes away pain. Because it supports the muscles and ligaments it is fantastic if you are going on a car journey it gives great support to my back. I would recommend it to any one with back pain.”
—Rory Finnerty, Dublin


“This is the best brace I have ever worn!! I came across Incrediwear Braces at the Natural Products Expo West and the team at the booth addressed my knee pain. I bought a brace and successfully ran both the Los Angeles Marathon and SoCal Ragnar while wearing it—pain free! I’m getting ready for Ragnar Napa and just ordered an additional knee brace. Thank you!”
—Anthony Reyes


“The knee is nearly back to normal now it was brilliant for recovery and also very comfortable to wear would definitely recommend anyone getting this bandage if they are trying to get back from a knee injury.”
—Ross Hainsworth, Dublin


“I tripped over my sleeping labrador and fell directly on my knees. I tried an adjustable wrap from the sporting goods store, but when it was tight enough it was soooooo restrictive. My chiropractor turned me on to an Incrediwear knee brace. Voila! I can walk, bend, sit normally and not have a stiff knee. It feels rejuvenated! Thanks Incrediwear!”
—Phyllis Clark-Kirkman


“I sprained 3 ligaments in my foot and have spent hours in the physiotherapist trying to get some relief, but since getting my Ankle brace I don't feel the need to go back. I wear it whenever I am running or whenever I feel my Ankle needs a little extra support. It has saved me so much money on physiotherapy and has given me back the confidence to continue running.”
—Carrie Gilligan, Dublin


“When sitting at a desk for eight hours straight typing away at a computer, you can feel the tightness in your hands and wrists during the day and all week. Wearing the wrist sleeves almost completely alleviates all that soreness for me.”


“I am a 77 year old woman and I had a very bad fall on the footpath 2 years ago where I injured my back badly. I have been getting physio since then. I heard about the Incrediwear back brace. I tried it on and immediately noticed the support and.I have been wearing it now for the last few weeks and I have noticed the pain has lessened for the first time in two years.”
—Patricia Sheeran – Palmertown, Co Dublin



manteo mitchell

Manteo Mitchell, Olympic Silver Medalist 2012

“About two and a half months ago I had my fully torn ACL reconstructed with no meniscus damage. I have been in physical therapy for eight weeks and already have full range of motion and 90% of my strength back. Since the surgery, I have been constantly wearing my Incrediwear brace and have no doubt that my quick recovery is attributed to wearing this brace. Thank you Incrediwear!”
—Mark, San Luis Obispo, CA


“I wore the knee support for my long training runs and for Connemara Marathon on Sunday and I had absolutely no pain or injury! fantastic I am delighted.”
—Louise Heraghty, Fitness Coach & Ambassador for VHI Women's mini marathon


"I absolutely LOVE my Incrediwear elbow brace. I recently switched from river to lake fishing and the arm and elbow get quite the workout without the river current assisting! I was limiting my fishing time, but now can cast a good three hours without the aftermath of tennis elbow. The brace truly is comfortable, beneficial and incredible! I also have the knee brace and wrist brace. The knee brace was my introduction to
Incrediwear and helped me continue daily walks while recovering from an injury. The braces are not restrictive—which was my concern—and I can sleep with them in place and get support and therapy while inactive. The combination of bamboo charcoal and germanium fiber technology is a real winner!"
—Gretchen, Fly Fishing enthusiast, Indian Land, SC


"In summer 2014 I developed a debilitating pain in my left knee. As a passionate half-marathon participant I was very concerned. My GP reminded me that I was 54 and should really throw in the towel and take up golf instead. I then went to a consultant who provided slightly more positive advice (“keep running if you must”) but confirmed that I was clapped out and should be realistic about the whole thing. My wife bought the Incredibrace for me at Christmas. I started running again with it and I was amazed at the effect. The pain lessened with each run until it disappeared altogether. Also, the brace provided stability to the knee. On 29 December I began a 3 month advanced runners’ training programme to prepare for the Berlin half-marathon in March 2015. I followed the programme religiously (almost). The race went like a dream and somehow I clocked a time over a minute faster than 2014. There were no problems with the knee throughout the training or during the race. I use the Incredibrace every time I run – it’s fair to say that it has saved my running lifestyle."
—John Breslin, Sandycove, Co. Dublin


Terje Haakonsen

Terje Haakonsen, Professional Snowboarder


"Fast Recovery and healing with Incrediwear is an important factor for my body to keep up with my active lifestyle!"
—Terje Haakonsen, Professional Snowboarder


"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the back brace. I was in severe pain with a slipped disc and the brace allowed me to function during the critical phase of my condition. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Great product! Thanks to all the Simply Natural team."
—Geraldine Mc Menamin, Barrister, Monsktown, Co. Dublin


“One item that I make sure to have any time I train or climb is my Incrediwear sleeve… these sleeves kick it up a notch by incorporating unique materials that increase circulation and oxygen delivery to the areas they protect. I alternate between irritable wrists and have experienced a lot less discomfort in my joints and tendons. I'm enough of a believer in this product that I carry stock and samples in my car so that people can get their hands on them... or arms in them! If you're looking to alleviate some pump, protect your tendons, and get an extra edge on your project, throw some extra beets in the blender and get a pair of these magical sleeves; you won't be disappointed!”
— Andrew Mark Turnbo


"Six weeks 99.5% of people are only at 45 degree bend on knee. I was 70 after 3 weeks and 90 after 4 weeks! This is obviously all due to the swelling etc. and the help of the sleeves. No swelling and pain means I can do my exercises to rebuild my quad."
— Ryan Ginsberg, London, UK


"Incrediwear makes these knee sleeves to increase blood flow and help support your knee for after or during your workouts. Hands down the most comfortable knee gasket I've put on. Also has special material so it doesn't get stinky like neoprene. They make tons of great stuff.”
— Jamie Goldman, Pro Mountain Bike Dirt Jumper / Freerider / Slopestyle Athlete



Terje Haakonsen, Professional Snowboarder

“I've been a handheld camera guy for 30 yearsfor lots of sports & concerts here in Las Vegas, and the wear and tear from holding the camera has led to two right knee surgeries and one right elbow surgery. "


“I started wearing Incrediwear elbow brace two months ago and even with a pinched nerve in my right elbow I was able to shoot Maroon 5 at Mandalay Bay 2013. I'm not back to playing tennis again but was able to shoot handheld for the first time in two years…I still have a pinched nerve in my right arm but wearing your brace has made my elbow and arm feel much better and there is no way I will need a second elbow surgery."


“Incrediwear is a great product and I have told other people how much it has worked for me and I'm sure it
will work for them too.”
— Gustavia Miller


“I am using an Incrediwear knee brace for each knee while skiing. We just ended our second day on snow in Mt. Hood and it's been awesome! I've had no knee pain and the braces have helped a lot with allowing me to ski more than just a couple runs as I progress into longer days and faster runs.”
Katie Ryan, U.S. Ski Team


+ Incrediwear Sock Testimonials


“The Incrediwear diabetic socks seem to allow for my swelling feet. They absorb my sweat, they don’t smell bad after a day’s use and they go on nice and easy regardless of whether I’m swollen or normal that day. They are so good we are giving them the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award.”
—Todd Larson, Reviewboard.com


“I dare to say that I am a sock snob. Yes, I’ve swapped out nearly my entire sock drawer to fill with Incrediwear socks. There is some pretty incredible technology behind these socks. They are both antimicrobial and they increase blood flow due to carbonized charcoal technology, so I have made them a part of several of my patient treatment protocols (i.e., no more stinky feet).”
—Dr. Krista Archer


"My wife helped me out by buying two pairs of your Incrediwear socks for me after I was complaining of foot pain. As I am a chef who spends all of the working day up to 16 hours on my feet, the relief that this product gave me is tremendous. I look forward to putting them on each morning and feel a bounce in my step all day! I only wish they had been around years ago, as any fatigue I was feeling at the end of the day is gone; what a fantastic solution to a big problem. Cheers!”
—Jonathan McDonough, ChefJono.ca. Chef, caterer and restaurant owner.


“I received my first pair of Incrediwear dresssocks this morning, and they are fantastic! After purchasing a pair of Incrediwear below ankle athletic socks for working out (which I love), I somehow managed to neglect my need for comfort in the workplace. When things are busy, it's easy to ignore the small aches and pains and discomfort one feels throughout the day. However, things have slowed down as of late and I began to notice just how much my left leg and foot were bothering me. A near constant, dull ache from just above my knee all the way down to the top of my foot has been bothering me for quite a while.


“So less than an hour ago, my Incrediwear socks arrived and I promptly put them on. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING - THE RELIEF WAS ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS! A warm, calming feeling quickly spread from my foot up to my knee. The best way to describe the sensation is to think of a heating pad set to low and wrapped around my shin and calf. I can feel the socks working as I type! These socks are truly amazing and I will soon be replacing my entire set of dress socks with Incrediwear socks! Thank you for an incredible product!”
—J.G., California


+ The story of one soldier’s recovery with Incrediwear


“On October 23, 2011 I was leading a Patrol in Nowzad, Afghanistan when my squad was engaged by Taliban Forces. During the firefight I received a gunshot wound to my right arm. The projectile entered my mid-forearm and exited out my tricep. The bullet shattered every bone in my arm.


“After several surgeries, I was left with six plates and around 30 screws in my arm. The damage to my radial head was so bad that the doctor had to leave a gap from my radial bone to where it connects with the humerus. After several months of physical therapy I was left with weakened muscles, sensitivity to cold, daily pain and loss of motion.


“One day I noticed one of my Marine Corps buddies had a brace for his knee, I asked him what it was and he told me that it was an Incrediwear knee brace. At the time I was researching sport sleeves and braces and I took it as a sign that I needed to give that one a shot. I ordered it up and it literally felt like I was wearing a perfectly fitting glove on my elbow.


“I have pain every day in my arm from simple life tasks that I used to take for granted. My Incrediwear brace keeps my muscles warms, stops the irritating movement and gives my elbow a springy assist. I cannot do any upper body exercises in the gym without it...it is too much pain if I do. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s changed my life for the better.


“I want to say thanks to everyone who is involved with this company and product, I give you my full permission to use and share my testimony and the pictures that I attached. The pictures I attached are from the day that I was shot and from Easter 2013 when I’m wearing my Incrediwear brace with my wife and daughter.
—Sergeant Reid, J.P. (Ret.)